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'..so all you said was a dirty gimmick? Isn't it?' "How is that?" He asked me so sweetly like nothing happened. '..Trump, as an outsider new politician, you chose him to sideline potential republicans or to pretend as his supporter and went hard on Hillary to show how horribly you're resisting Dhamma from capturing White House. But the fact was always something else. Just opposite! Wasn't that?' "Ok, but how is that possible?" He asked. 'OK, ..Trump was never your agent but Hillary was because you wanted your Washington establishment must continue your dirty legacy. You pretended as she is a Dhammic candidate and to bring new order in Washington, you need Trump otherwise American rule under her Dhammic rule will ruin this world. Am I right? All this you said not I. This is clear to me now. US conservatism has started fainting because you have captured its soul like devil. You always acted like you are the protector and great admirer of American conservatism, which is a huge lie. Hillary must be exposed to save the soul of this great nation. I was recalling every moments and events since last week to testify your claims to be a strongest supporter of American patriotism and I finally found you, you lied everything on that.' I was almost screaming in my virtual dream. 'Day first, that fateful midnight, when I caught you in Pentagon and you took me in there, ..to learn the fact about Dhamma, I believed you were right on most of the topics but you twisted your current story. I listened your entire story of world existence and role of Dhamma in it and started believing you, like you re-enlighten me. But it was my mistake.' I was still screaming on getting cheated. 'Are you listening me?' I suddenly screamed at him loudly. While expressing my depression, I tried to see him eye to eye but I didn't find him. But he was not gone yet. I was feeling heaviness of his powerful presence; he was simply disappearing from my eternal sight. Often in such kind of conflicting situation where a interaction turned out of control, he always used to blink my sight and so the consciousness but right now he was not doing anything. Simply hearing me, my observed truth that has enlighten me and because of that he was loosing his command on me. "Hmmmm.." A heavy tone of him put me back to continue telling him reason of my anger. '..the only truth I can see that you have always been together with sinful people, oppressors of innocents, liar, cheater and abuser of power and modesty at any kind. You blamed her -to confuse me but on seeing mainstream and electronic media's biased reporting, I suddenly broke on believing that Dhamma cannot be so ugly by ethics; so may be Hillary could be your hidden candidate to let you keep the White House..' He didn't come live nor he broke the stream. He let me speak out my anger. 'She fits to your curriculum and character. Lies, deceptions, which Trump was talking in second debate, are the deadliest sins in Christianity, which are non-forgivable too but for you it matters nothing. She even failed to defeat her single contestant Bernie but is going to defeat deadliest Trump, because you managed everything for her victory. You know she will do nothing but will rest most of the time in White House to help you finish your worldwide movement to defuse the impact of holy Dhamma. Isn't it?' I again screamed and he appeared quickly. Very close to my face. Hmmm. Face like boiling skin, red dead eyes with horrible blue lips mimicking to say something. "Shut up!" He warned me in a very low tone. "13 days are left, right? -and I still repeat Trump winning! Did you hear that? Trump winning! I gave you clues to understand these developments but you still think like dumb. You didn't see Russian upheaval. England and many NATO nations are unnecessarily scared of huge Russia. They still love to see America involved in securing them free and without testifying the changed power blocks and risk factors. Second thing, as I told you multiple times, no matter who wins only I rule. The only difference will be that America in Hillary's rule will not be suitable for me to conduct some urgent warfare so I will have to move Russia ahead. This will be the beginning of great Russian era and the beginning of fall of American glory. For last three years Russian navy's has been making its permanent presence in Mediterranean sea. In history, it never happened. Dhammic President Obama made this possible. Birth of Red Cross and the famous war of Crimea in mid 19th century could now be taken down. If Russians are eager to bring down Caliphate or ISIS, west must be co-operative but Dhamma has different strategy of divide and rule here. He hates me and my agents like pigs while blames my side like haters on them. He incites people to go violent but blames my sides violent. So called media is his puppet. Their duty is to make people blind, deaf and senseless toward the national interest. Do not blame me if Americans turn senseless toward conservatism or patriotism. This is Dhamma, only he is making America like a third world banana state. Just see, how Dhamma bless America?" "And listen! Hillary was never my agent. Trust me. Now cool down. Hope for Trump is not dead but got revived. People awaking and hidden voters of Trump are so huge that no media can report about them in any graphic or mathematics. Simply wait and see." He said this and quickly broke stream. I felt like I fell from little high smoothly and woke up. Hmmm, so I was wrong. Really? I was smiling probably.   ================================================================================================================

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“..and shifting of 400 million dollars to Iran is not any coincidence with the release of four old American hostages. This was Iranian money refund of first installment out of 1.7 billion after sanctions are lifted. It was all obvious and the way it was executed was really appreciable. All it happened in January this year but you see when the news of it flashed? Now in August! They smartly

mqdefaultpretended to hide it so that media will move denouncing the value of discussing Hillary’s corruption and making people more aware or awakening them to use their conscience before going to vote for Hillary, as Ted Cruz said in RNC.”

Dhamma reacted on this..Password required

Who is Dhamma here?

‘AaA’ I exclaimed. ‘Ted Cruz didn’t say that.’ I replied quick.

‘He literally denounced endorsing Trump’s nomination for this Presidential race. I’ve seen him live on tv.’ I added.

“Shut up because you don’t know the fact! He meant it to say the same.” He tried to convince me forcefully.

‘No he didn’t, no, nope! he didn’t!’ I repeated.

“I say shut up. I’m talking about biased media. They never know the theme ahead of time because they waste time in hatching conspiracy against leaders on top opposition. It sounds unconstitutional to me. They are ‘to the people for the leaders and crooks’ instead of to the people for the people. Low profile people or events do not get their coverage primarily but they keep screaming repeatedly against in favor of their syndicated candidate. They try hard to beat others in race by acting like a real -advertiser. They can motivate dumb viewers only because wise viewers know everything and they can’t be driven by those rants advertisers. Taking any side and advertising for them is not their role in the democratic social system. They must be unbiased, must cover everything possible equally and keep biased journalist out from televising their personal or guided opinions. They must promote generate public opinion but they pound tons of their own craps. They are the real hurdles in road to people’s awareness. If this kind of yellow journalism happens in the country like America then the hope is nowhere. They are celebrated social enemies. Trust me! But you know what, I still take them as the innocence of mankind still passing through childhood. It will take a long time to reach the grown stage when there be no Dhammic interference in human life at all. Only I will be flourishing with the joy of advance life and boundless opportunities.” He turned serious and stopped telling more.

‘Yes sir, I agree on this as you say. May be we will not be here but I hope generations ahead will be enjoying that advance age and prosperity.’ I added to continue.

“Yeah, but if you people act right -only then. You must be good child not a ghetto mankind.” He turned quickly to continue but I didn’t stop.

‘Look, I am also afraid. While watching news channel I always feel like they are propagating one side in complete dishonesty. Commercial breaks are better than them. I don’t know how to manage my viewing liberty and options. Muting them is not a right solution. I keep reading bottom captions most of the time. Can you suggest any good solution? India is also heavily inflicted by those b**. I hate them from my soul and heart.’ I was speaking quite comfortably with the ghost. No sense of fear at all. This difference is noticeable in virtual streaming.

‘Hmm so what is the solution sir?’ I repeated politely.

“Social soft media is the solution! Platform missing over there too but a lot can be done to trim their unethical role in the civilized social system. India in this matter is turning better than US. In fear of Islamist Jihadists, in lust of money and in an immoral fascination of power, almost all the media branches of crazy-dude-cartoontheir foreign owners ask their corporate to co-operate their phenomenal reporting which virtually subjugate to the idea of keeping Dhammas roman root always on top without any declaration. All was going well but scene changed when corrupt activities of roman catholic Sonia and her party went wild against majority Hindus. So this is how they brought Modi in power. Social media played a massive role. A hardcore RSS man. He is patriot more like Trump but I’ld keep him away from the mainstream world politics.”

“Anyway, seemingly radical and mostly patriotic Hindus without gun, first took the radical Islamists down and now coward rascals in media are on its way down to hell by the way of everyday tortures and insults. I guess they deserve it for their dishonesty and coward biased reporting. Traditional media houses and its educated operatives must realize that they are not in the role to advertise anything or should take a part; ..that their lies are unforgivable and their lust of any kind is highly poisonous to succumb instantly, ..their entire media profile and achievements.” He turned toward me again and kept speaking.

“..If they don’t realize this fundamental law of true journalism then, journalism must turn into a public service under oath of perjury upon crimes of illegal publication or affecting mass perversely, to prevent damaging one of the important pillar of democracy in good health. You got it?” He was asking me to confirm. He was seemingly tensed and little shaky too.

‘Got it!’ I replied boldly.

“Ok, change this topic to Iran now. Come to Hillary’s mistake again. What I was saying, that Iran got his own money which was paid to the US to purchase fighter planes decades ago before revolution sparked there. Iran will get more as the interest of it, which was settled out of an International court at a very low rate. Compare this with claimed $10 billions to $1.7 billion to be paid now deducting this initial payment. You must like this.”

“I always had my spies, the CIA operatives on Iranian nuclear program but I’ll give great credit to executed Iranian nuclear scientist homophobic Shahram download (1)Amiri who left US without getting a promised $5 millions for revealing Iranian nuclear program. But this clinton-3-1-678x381is bad for Nazanin too who is still in Iranian prison in similar charge. OK, but I’ll blame Hillary again. Her hacked and revealed emails had full details of this Iranian defector which caused his death now and endangering other. Luckily time has taken a little turn now so my priorities too.” He stopped speaking. By putting his jaw on closed punch, he acted like he was also a human being. I noticed this clearly and blinked my eyes quickly. I was still sleeping. Room was dark but I was able to see things around me. Somebody messaged me on phone and it beeped once with a flash. I didn’t respond and closed my eyes again. Hmm so, Hillary’s email caused his death. Really? I was just thinking and trying to sleep again.

“Yes, this is true. Russians provided this info. to Iranians after Amiri had already left US. Look, this death sentence is nothing in the row where Saudi kingship is on slow but steady verge to collapse with the rise of ISIS. American policy toward them will be changed after Trump comes in power. Save or no save to Saudi kingship is a separate question but primary question of using Shi’ite Iran is going to prevail now. Russian game plan is to help Shi’ite Iran and Syria to fight Sunni ISIS so the rest could be protected and its own history could be corrected to get my natural uprise in Russia. Russians are preparing a powerful and smart war machine infrastructure that can make them the new world leader so that my natural urge could be dragged to them. For Dhamma, winning America is less important than ruining it for pulling me out. Making America weak in military and in educating new generations, sending businesses out of America as a future plan to merge it in a larger area at the cost of losing its greatest history, are all his massive program. For stopping this, a deep strategy is highly required. Hillary will do nothing on this point if elected. She hates police of America and affairs with criminals and separatists of America to win election. Her vote banking strategy will prevent her to act openly or even secretly with partners to counter ISIS effectively. Russians will never prefer to work with her rather would keep supporting Syrians and Iranians against the US policies. This contradiction will immortalize ISIS to keep terrorizing world to get their Caliphate be accepted as the regular form of government in modern time. This is Dhammas long term strategy. {Dhamma reacts on this} Iran comes in scene on this problem.”

“Caliphate [In opposition to Prophet’s own lineage, Ali, whose foundation is called Shi’ites, a true claimant of entire Islam;] means end of all Shi’ites first then jews and then Christians and then you Hindus. Unlike others, for Shi’ites, accepting the Sunnis faith is not open. So the most endangered are Shi’ites Iran and Syria only. So, this is Putin’s strategy to put them ahead to fight for their survival themselves with nuclear arsenals (if Trump loses), -from the move of reinstating Sunni Caliphate. This will immediately stop the spread of ISIS or any other terror gettyimages-850102outfits. But only if Trump comes in power to work with Putin as a friend and never again like an enemy. Otherwise, expect more worldwide chaos; my natural urge may go with Russians to bring them close to the center of the problem through Crimea. No matter what Iran signed of the agreement, it will make bomb for sure to survive against Sunnis. If US and allies reacts with force, the entire world will fall more deeper and will go away from a perfect solution. If you think, Trump is crazy, forget that because in office, I’m the controller not he, himself. The only priority I maintain is to keep Dhamma away otherwise I can’t do anything effectively. No matter how big crooked Hillary is but because Dhamma is controlling her so I cannot go with her. Simple!” He stopped with a loud clap.

“I’m leaving now. Dog and cat game is over now. Everybody friends now. I’ll clean some left out craps and will start a grand move to bit Dhammic Hillary in debate. Everything getting ready. Don’t worry! He is coming.” He again stopped and scene started blurring but I asked him something rare now.

‘Who is coming? Jesus?’ It came out of my mouth quickly. He turned toward me and quickly started almost dancing in fear or anger, I didn’t know. Look like I slept good after that.




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