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'..so all you said was a dirty gimmick? Isn't it?' "How is that?" He asked me so sweetly like nothing happened. '..Trump, as an outsider new politician, you chose him to sideline potential republicans or to pretend as his supporter and went hard on Hillary to show how horribly you're resisting Dhamma from capturing White House. But the fact was always something else. Just opposite! Wasn't that?' "Ok, but how is that possible?" He asked. 'OK, ..Trump was never your agent but Hillary was because you wanted your Washington establishment must continue your dirty legacy. You pretended as she is a Dhammic candidate and to bring new order in Washington, you need Trump otherwise American rule under her Dhammic rule will ruin this world. Am I right? All this you said not I. This is clear to me now. US conservatism has started fainting because you have captured its soul like devil. You always acted like you are the protector and great admirer of American conservatism, which is a huge lie. Hillary must be exposed to save the soul of this great nation. I was recalling every moments and events since last week to testify your claims to be a strongest supporter of American patriotism and I finally found you, you lied everything on that.' I was almost screaming in my virtual dream. 'Day first, that fateful midnight, when I caught you in Pentagon and you took me in there, ..to learn the fact about Dhamma, I believed you were right on most of the topics but you twisted your current story. I listened your entire story of world existence and role of Dhamma in it and started believing you, like you re-enlighten me. But it was my mistake.' I was still screaming on getting cheated. 'Are you listening me?' I suddenly screamed at him loudly. While expressing my depression, I tried to see him eye to eye but I didn't find him. But he was not gone yet. I was feeling heaviness of his powerful presence; he was simply disappearing from my eternal sight. Often in such kind of conflicting situation where a interaction turned out of control, he always used to blink my sight and so the consciousness but right now he was not doing anything. Simply hearing me, my observed truth that has enlighten me and because of that he was loosing his command on me. "Hmmmm.." A heavy tone of him put me back to continue telling him reason of my anger. '..the only truth I can see that you have always been together with sinful people, oppressors of innocents, liar, cheater and abuser of power and modesty at any kind. You blamed her -to confuse me but on seeing mainstream and electronic media's biased reporting, I suddenly broke on believing that Dhamma cannot be so ugly by ethics; so may be Hillary could be your hidden candidate to let you keep the White House..' He didn't come live nor he broke the stream. He let me speak out my anger. 'She fits to your curriculum and character. Lies, deceptions, which Trump was talking in second debate, are the deadliest sins in Christianity, which are non-forgivable too but for you it matters nothing. She even failed to defeat her single contestant Bernie but is going to defeat deadliest Trump, because you managed everything for her victory. You know she will do nothing but will rest most of the time in White House to help you finish your worldwide movement to defuse the impact of holy Dhamma. Isn't it?' I again screamed and he appeared quickly. Very close to my face. Hmmm. Face like boiling skin, red dead eyes with horrible blue lips mimicking to say something. "Shut up!" He warned me in a very low tone. "13 days are left, right? -and I still repeat Trump winning! Did you hear that? Trump winning! I gave you clues to understand these developments but you still think like dumb. You didn't see Russian upheaval. England and many NATO nations are unnecessarily scared of huge Russia. They still love to see America involved in securing them free and without testifying the changed power blocks and risk factors. Second thing, as I told you multiple times, no matter who wins only I rule. The only difference will be that America in Hillary's rule will not be suitable for me to conduct some urgent warfare so I will have to move Russia ahead. This will be the beginning of great Russian era and the beginning of fall of American glory. For last three years Russian navy's has been making its permanent presence in Mediterranean sea. In history, it never happened. Dhammic President Obama made this possible. Birth of Red Cross and the famous war of Crimea in mid 19th century could now be taken down. If Russians are eager to bring down Caliphate or ISIS, west must be co-operative but Dhamma has different strategy of divide and rule here. He hates me and my agents like pigs while blames my side like haters on them. He incites people to go violent but blames my sides violent. So called media is his puppet. Their duty is to make people blind, deaf and senseless toward the national interest. Do not blame me if Americans turn senseless toward conservatism or patriotism. This is Dhamma, only he is making America like a third world banana state. Just see, how Dhamma bless America?" "And listen! Hillary was never my agent. Trust me. Now cool down. Hope for Trump is not dead but got revived. People awaking and hidden voters of Trump are so huge that no media can report about them in any graphic or mathematics. Simply wait and see." He said this and quickly broke stream. I felt like I fell from little high smoothly and woke up. Hmmm, so I was wrong. Really? I was smiling probably.   ================================================================================================================

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..Friends and readers on this website, If you really want to interact with me then do not offer me any website management skill which, I really don't need. Just share your ideas and point me my 'topic mistake' to get my humble thanks with approval. Thank you.

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“doesn’t matter what brexit brings out in Dhammas re-fascination of UK. Nothing is going to happen except a little loss to Premier BN-OQ028_refblo_G_20160623164650of UK and pounds vs. dollars. Relax, UK will remain in EU despite ‘in’ will be continuously trailing to ‘out’. Expect one more referendum on question like how to retain trade agreements or prevent severe national loss if ‘leave camp’ wins.”

Following transferred GTs are from first registrar of this site and may have some errors of operation or missing components in it.

Try to bear with us.

Ohio Sec. had already declared it truly about a probable chaos in Congress to let America see: ‘Republicans are not doing anything to control gun violence.’


If Republican’s proposed: ‘No Fly-No Gun’ is not a an adequate move then of course, adjusting second amendment couldn’t be either. Keep in mind, this is all politics of ♣election♥season♠ 2016♦ They can’t wait to finish election first because they think it can magnitude voters their side. Such a good phenomena never appears annually!! You know when it comes! 

Anyway, Paul Ryan with his fellow party congressmen will stay adamant to break those Dhamma incited Democratic congressmen and women on floor obstructing votes on Republican proposal: ‘No fly-No gun’ ruling. I can’t let them pass gun control bill to lean conservative republicans toward democrates in fear.


GT 062216~1333

“..he needs brilliant but loyal workforce unlike..Lee!! anyway he got more better.., to manage campaign. But don’t you see Americans are blindly falling in the hands of Dhamma?” 

‘True!’ I suddenly reacted with this toned affirmation.

“They hesitate in donating to a rich guy in race to make America safe again but want to lose all. Didn’t I tell you something..!!”

“..I know this human nature and behavior better than any of you human being. In soaring Dhammic fascination, they are proven suicidal in history. Who knows, this is a natural order, which can be reflected only if get noticed on time. Noticing this instinct by Americans are less so a patriotic move can hardly move up. Mass massacres in Jihadic incitement on US soil could be forgotten with a cunningly smiling face of political correctness to let Dhammic candidate win this election. America matters nothing to them. ..ahh.”

“..the problem is, I cannot blame them but to Dhamma only. I hope yau recalling the methods I told you not a long ago. Right? ..Enemies of America will tell them dangerous than those radical Islamists.”

‘Yeah’ -I said like I was understanding what he meant to but in fact, I didn’t know to whom he was referring to.

“Who will tell them, ..mankind is still passing through their young age and committing mistakes is all natural. But some of Dhammas agent media and politicians act like they’re grown and they know everything. Fact of the matter is that they know nothing. They even don’t know that they are fascinated by DhammaHave you heard them talking about this natural instinct?”

“No, nowhere! They cannot talk anywhere! They are blocked in Dhammic fascination and the best example of this could be seen with the black Americans. With open border and new immigrants, black community will lose more than any other communities in America. But you see, what they are doing, self-destruction, suicide by going with Hillary.”

“Never forget! I’m a natural force and I’m not in control of Dhamma at all. I am still not willing to shift my presence out from this great country, which I built in centuries and which Dhamma trying to ruin by fascinating them to merge with people from all corners of world with all kind of problems.”

“..I’m not going to let it happen otherwise I’ll leave to other country to make a new America again. ..This America will lose me forever and will be named in history my lost empire! Do you want that?”

download (1)

“Gun control couldn’t be a single solution but they’re bringing this bill in congress not to pass it but to show America: Republicans deny this vital issue so, ..to gain mere political mileage…”


“All of them are talking everywhere about Trump to harm him while Hillary, with some media personnel, are avoiding to get indulged in such a horrific nationwide debate, which guarantees her defeat to go along Obama on this matter of controversy. Solution on this by Trump is clear. He will never repeal 2nd Amendment and will update gun laws with a commonsense. But do you know, what will happen, if the guns are taken away from Americans?”

Chaos and the end of peacefulness due to the sense of insecurity will be the first consequence. This ruling will NOT be applicable to criminals and terrorists so the entire America could be easily vandalized.”

“Radical Islam is not a politically tweetable words as Obama and Hillary both like to say now in pressure. It means, Islam, in this dubious form proving itself as the violent sect so could not be a religion or faith to believe in peace & compassions. Provided, that tweeting this word like a wildcard will certainly help terrorist groups to radicalize peace loving Muslims worldwide.”

Please try to learn about the enemy of the United States here before you comment.

dData written by Ohio.

 “HellooOO, wake up, wake up Harry wake up! Urgent. An attack is going to take place in southern state. Wake up.” I heard this very clearly as he, the ghost, was trying to take me back with him. But I didn’t know: ‘for what and where?’ He failed to drag me in his world though.

Due to allergic symptom, I had headache and soar throat entire day and then it started running my nose with unstoppable sneezes too. So, I had taken NyQuil last night and went to sleep at around 11. A real good sleep but his failed interruption caused me to fall in several weird dreams in the later part of last night. I dreamt a man shooting three already dead people on floor in blood. I understood nothing because I was not with him. Later, I realized, he was telling me to release “*” for Donald Trump to topple the race for White House. I remember, I promised him for doing some but now I cannot remember: what I’d have to do to finish that promised task? In the morning he finally whispered: 

Almost 50 homosexuals or their
friends in ORLANDO are killed by ISIS inspired US born radical Islamist Omar Siddique Mateen. He saw Trump’s lowering popularity and so did this fearlessly. This could be ranked as the deadliest attempt to terrorize America after 9/11.  


You’d still love to see Hillary in the White House, wouldn’t you? She, in fear of such incidents, will help reinstate Caliphate and bring Sharia laws in practice. Your generations along with thousands of innocent Americans will be doomed only because of following Dhamma ideologies or say for the political correctness. Let Trump come in White House to settle all these Islamic satans manly, unlike the coward Hillariously


Please do not ‘*’ her for the sake of America. Think hundred times before you do that for her by denying Trump. She or Obama will never call this incident as a radical Islamic act because they are in Dhammic  influence, which you too, call politically correct. Do not take their side…”

Click HERE to see how an Islamic Cleric in Florida sweetly declaring the death to gays recently.


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