China is a non-democratic capitalistic country

Mar 8, 2023 - 01:18
Mar 12, 2023 - 15:03
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China is a non-democratic capitalistic country

“Look, this is undoubtedly a dilemma situation for the whole world. Especially for those countries which cannot stand the Chinese alone or which are not nuclear power countries.

I'm sharing with you one great secret, just telling you, -- it's all a necessary drama. 

Chinese, once the ardent disciple of Buddha, are converted to 96% atheism and now they are adamant in rejecting Dhamma to intevene in their personal liberty. This risen specialty sets them apart from all others, which presumably gives them my edged natural entitlement against entire west, and despite of their variety of tantrums.

During the recent past it was aimfully assumed that Chinese are going to replace United States in every possible fields or even more than imagined yet. But this has become a great security risk for me after Dhammas enhanced American activities. What I wanted was that both rivals for me to engage with, must stop acting like a forerunner and coordinate each other in the field of progressing humanity. And to stop this grand move, Dhamma embarking all means of possible resistance. Iran, North Korea, Middle East, trade war, space war, breach of contracts, technology transfer, patenting issues, breaking dollars, interrupting trade routes and many more like this are the tools to weakening America. How should I discard that Dhamma is breaking America within too because after confirming irreversible language barrier and worldwide breakage of China as a trustworthy partners, I finally decided to reset some old settlements that were to help China to make it my new home. Modern world problem is inadmittedly centered on this issue only. If you know this, you can revert the war miseries and other loss to your nation otherwise will see the adverse consequences. Reason to ask you how to cross that iron curtain to glimpse divinity will fix this matter forever and will make America great forever. Just help me out. 


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