Khalistan, Foot

Mar 1, 2023 - 06:29
Mar 8, 2023 - 01:10
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Khalistan, Foot

Khalistan, ..huh my foot.

"I can see, you are feeling worried, Sir. It's evident that you are keeping a close watch on everyone and trying to find a solution. It seems that you are preparing someone so that they can handle another kingdom as you handled the first. Despite all this, it still hurts me."

There is nobody here except for myself, watching Minister S. Jay Shankar and Trio."


"So what might happen?"

"What might Happen?" Suddenly a sound echoed in my mind. He must be here. The Ghost. 

Well, who likes borders divided into pieces.
See.... There's a new game started that you don't know. You are forgetting that I run entire world. okay, Not you. It will happen as I have decided. Good! When you know everything, Then what do you know?

There is a new kind of dirty smelly air blowing in. hmmm, There is a lot of goods going here and there. In which the common man is changing. No matters Whatever may happen everywhere. One here will break only when there are many pieces.

You must understand that Nothing is going to happen before that. You do not know what is going to happen there now. People's life will become difficult in pieces. yes it is right. 
Sometimes something goes wrong. I also agree that it should not happen. But everything is not always the same. That's why i said don't think too much. Just watch

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