Reinstating ottomans is failed now

Feb 17, 2023 - 17:59
Mar 8, 2023 - 01:34
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Reinstating ottomans is failed now
Reinstating ottomans is failed now

This earthquake is taken granted by Dhamma. It is possible that Dhamma orchestrated this earthquake and used Modi as a mediator to reconcile with his own critics. This is quite possible but behind this, Dhamma's true intentions are to revive the Ottomans, which is reminiscent of Pakistan's agenda in the region.

So do you mean, helping turkey is like helping ottomans? I asked.

"Yes, this will help Turkish desire to revive ottomans all around.  But it looks impossible. I'll do nothing and they will collapse." He reacted with a brag.

'This is a stupid idea.' I reacted

"Yes, it looks like but this is how Dhamma operates." He turned on Dhamma. But I turned aggressive on him. 

'Explain me. How a broken Turkey can hope so high out of this tragic earthquakes? It will take years to recover.' I stated.

"Yes, and for that, millions of dollars will come too. In that long period of recovering, wing of Ottomans could be reactivated to replace Saudi Arabia being the leader of Islamic world. Only good thing is that, Turkish president is too old to handle all this and he has no powerful legacy either to continue after him." He clarified. 

Right. Then why you're worried? I asked. 

"I'm not worried. I'm thinking, how much time this factor will consume to slow down my move to put TTD in public domain and how deep Muslims will be affected by his possible move in coming days." 

"Turkish president must die now. Only a power tussle can stop them to stop reviving Ottomans. Good idea. Let me work on it."

What you say? I jumped to ask him. 

But he disappeared.

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