Scavenging to each other is an obvious step

Jan 25, 2023 - 09:48
Jan 26, 2023 - 00:20
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Scavenging to each other is an obvious step

Scavenging to each other is so painful but it is going to happen anyway. They will stow each other. I need to bring end to one of them. Dhamma is joyous on this while I'm unnecessarily annoyed, because I guess, his world of fools are cheering. Doesn't it include you?


"I don't know cuz I just came to know about them."

So you know, who I'm talking about?

"Yeah, little bit. Isn't it Sweden, that Swedish guy burning Quran in street?"

"I was actually attracted by his statement that this was his lawful right to keep or destroy his own property. Only because he bought that book which is called Quran, he owns it with receipt so he has right to do anything with it. Keep or destroy it. I like this lawful argument if, to stop it, Swidish constitution is not changed by legislators."


Wrong. You're wrong. 

What is wrong here? Everything is out there ghost. What you talking about?

You called me ghost?

I'm sorry. I meant, holy ghost of the nature.


Listen, I know you're laughing on events turning on and off in Sweden and you're lying to me despite knowing that nobody can lie to me. I rest in the heart of all species on planet. And that includes you too, fool. 

Sir, wait. 

What is wrong with you if I laughed or cheered on it?

Oh yeah. It means a lot to me. Not on you but due to Dhammic gamut on it.

Ok, so what? We've been dealing with it from beginning anyway. Nothing is new today. This is happening today in Sweden, tomorrow this week happen somewhere else. Isn't it?

He remained silent. 

I've been taking this matter practically sir. 

No, you not. Don't lie. 

Then what? What is going to happen now?

He didn't say anything. 

Are we done sir?

Your dream to see, this is happening in India and before that in Saudi Arabia?

Wow. I exclaimed. 

Wow what? Isn't this a big truth? 

Yes sir. 

But why you not turning your head on Iran then?

I didn't understand, your....

Yeah, you liar, you understand that also. 

I kept my mum off. No talk. 

I'm asking you.

 Get lost.

....U ugly ghost. Uh.

I broke the stream but he didn't. He is still here for sure. Wait and see. It is 2:30am and he is keeping me awake. He is mad at me not b'cuz he found me happy to see Swedish guy burning  Quran but because I was foreseeing this as his diplomatic loss. He is stupid this time because he, himself was reiterating that he wants to see Islam decay fast because Dhamma has turned them absolete for the humanity. And then, when you laugh at incident like Sweden event, he turns mad too. What he wants?

I want to see them decay silently not in chaos. ?

Got it?

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